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 Adventuring Party

 Previous party members

I know there are more, just can't think of them. 




Thergon Houses

Triapta Houses



  • Kenward An Elf with dubious connections in Kingstown.
  • Grimhilda A friendly neighborhood weapons merchent in Kankan.
  • Glowy Eyes The supposed leader of The Syndicate.
  • The Elf The right hand man of Glowy Eyes, until recently.
  • Kankan Gate Guard A nameless corrupt guard
  • Brendon The head of the merchent's guild in Kankan.
  • Captain Ellywick Glim & Dim Captain & officers of a boat, with interesting capabilities
  • Motty and Jotty A couple of hill giants the party helpped.
  • Vestin The mysterious figure who started it all
  • Curtis A another leutient in the Syndicate


Pootu a God?

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