Lynn Fletcher aka Leonis Kipat Litongel

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The best way to do this may be in two parts, so we'l try that and see how it turns out.

 Lynn fletcher:


Age 16


Lynn grew up knowing Little more than war,  His family had been fletchers for generations. And when the Civil
broke out his father became very busy with work. So busy that he began teaching Lynn the trade even
though he was still very young.  As the war waged on His father was ordered  to follow  an army to supply
them immedeatly with Arrows. And he hasn't been seen since he left. 

it wasnt long after his father left that the war Came to Lynn's village. Most of the town was destroyed leaving Lynn (10) his mother Zulema (24) and Little brother Corin (4) homeless. As Many other refugees did They ended up in the Alten Waar monastery seeking Sanctuary form the hordes of bandits and battles that were being waged.  The monastery accepted many people from all walks of lif including Soldiers who had deserted  the war. These soldiers were grateful for
being sheltered and repaid the monks in the only waythey knew how. They defended the monastery with their
knowledge of warfare.  All of them working together soon came up with a martial art consisting of the best of all of their ways, and this they taught to the monks So when they day came that All of the soldiers
had left or were dead and gone, the monks would still be protected.

Soon the Main part of the war moved on and the refugees began to leave.  Lynn's family were amongst
the last  having no home to return to and no one to care for them.  His mother begged to be allowed to
stay and would have promised almost anything to have at least her sons taken in. The monks were slow to answer but conceeded to allow them to stay if Lynn was to be taught in their fashion. Gratefully Zulema
agreed, and as Lynn was taught the ways of the Monks his mother worked in the kitchens and brewery. As Lynn
grew and learned from the monks their ways became more natural to him. What had seemed boring became relaxing
and the physical training was fun. Even the search for knowledge and truth became exciting when he made a
break through  in thought. After many years he was even sent out  to the neighboring villages to settle
small disputes between people.  Corin looked up  to him and decided that he too wanted to be a monk but he
became sick soon after and though he recovered, the disease left him blind.


That being said Lynn is a lie.


Leonis Kipat Litongel


Age 114

Leonis was erased. releaved of all his memories and transformed into a human child. Supposedly it was for his own good, but he's fairly certain it was against his will and against what he preceived as his duties. Aaron Lethant is responsible for the weakening and eventual breaking of the spell that kept Leonis thinking that he was Lynn Fletcher, however his true motives behind it are as of yet still undetermined.

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Lynn Fletcher aka Leonis Kipat Litongel

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