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    This is the Thergon Campaign home page.

    It will be the jumping off point for [[People]], [[Places]], and [[Things]] for the world of our campaign.

    I would also like to post [[House Rules]] that will be used in our campaign.

  • Places

    • [[Thergon|Thergon]] the starting place of the campaign. A country on the northern edge of the contient. It falls between the Westlands and the Barbarian Territory (see below).
      • [[Northbay]]
      • [[Alten Waar Monestary …

  • Things

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    • [[Horn_of_Cold| The Horn of Cold]]
    • [[Ellistan_Journal|Vestin's story]]
    • [[AAVard_Diary|AAVard's Diary]]
    • [[The Stick of Destiny]]
    • [[A Monks Tale|Lynn's Journal]]
  • People

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     Adventuring Party

    • [[Lynn Fletcher aka Leonis Kipat Litongel]]
    • [[Sludig]]
    • [[Aaron Lethant]]
    • [[Kane]]

     Previous party members

    • [[Eladra]]
    • [[ …

  • House Rules

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