At the monistary

The party returns to the Altan Waar monistary Lynn is currently staying at. They find out that the Master Negotiator Brother_Justif they were originally escorting has not returned, nor been heard from and is feared dead.

Kyle Silverfoot takes this hard and leaves the party in the night, claiming that he was responsible for Justif’s safety and he won’t return until he knows for sure if he is alive or dead. He’s paid out the mercenary’s contract for a year and asks that the party use his services.

The party takes some much needed down time resting relaxing for a few days in a safe environment. While there Sludig means Bother Samuel and Brother Adams, a pair of brewers just starting out. The three of them hit it off and Sludig drinks them under the table, “tasting” their different brews.

A worker in the Monistary tells the abbot he has information with regards to Lynn’s quest. The party finds this worker and almost “gets mideval on his ass,” but instead opts for a “Zone of Truth” spell. Wherein a new person is introduced to guide the party to KanKan, in the neighboring country, and speak to a butcher there.

The Cave
That was too easy

With help from Ellistan the party finds a geographic feature from the journal (the destroyed village which features at the end of the story). The ground is blackened, hardened and nothing, not even grass or weeds, grows for hundreds of feet around.

Located on the edge of Thergon, the hills that separate here from the next country are just a few miles to the west. Could they be the hills blah blah retreated to when the demon’s destroyed the village? After several day’s search the party finds a cave, tucked away and hidden.

The party works together, and overcomes feats that test their cohesion, their purity, and their willingness to defend the defenseless. In the end, a piece of the horn is recovered.

Then the party is waylaid in the hills by a local lord’s men. Armed and ahorse they are looking for a thief, they describe an octagon the size of a dinner plate, with a shaved head depicted on it. The men-at-arms want to search the party’s equipment but stop when it seems like there will be trouble. They ride off with assurances that this won’t be last time they meet if they are the thieves.

Unsure where to continue looking, the group decides to head back to Lynn’s monastery so that the abbot can advise him, and the rest could have some down time.

Good thing he doesn't know what Chevon is.

The party finds Ellistan, owner of the journal after being given a tour of the menagerie only to find that he’s been turned into a goat. The wizard knows of no way to reverse the effects, nor what will be left of Ellistan if he were reverted. There is another wizard in the north which may be able to help them. He gives them directions to a town on the north coast, and wish them well.

The party travels to the north passing mile after mile. They are passed by a large army heading south at one point. The party hides in a ravine to avoid detection. They arrive at this town and ask around to find that the wizard they seek is a magistrate for the area and travels between towns but does happen to be here. They discuss with him their problem and he says he will help. Provided the help him out. There seems to have been a few ogres or something that are bothering the local towns, and the Magistrate asks the party to look into it while he decides the best way to fix Ellistan.

The party eventually finds the perpetrators and discovers they’re not ogres, they’re three hill giants! Sludig scores some vicious blows from horse back and disembowels one. The others surrender, and the party discovers why these giants didn’t smash them flat. One has donned gauntlets of fumbling, the other has a bad case of Red Pox, and the third (who is dead now) seems to have cataracts, and was mostly blind. The Giants agree to leave the locals alone but they want help for their ailments. The party returns and the Magistrate says he will arrange for cures in return for their enrollment into the army. The Giants agree, the party gets Ellistan returned to human form, and everyone is happy…..

The Wizard's Tower
if at first you don't succeed...

After gaining entrance to the wizard's tower, by knocking of all things, the players are escorted into a waiting room while a supplicant looks after their horses. The party finds that these supplicants are waiting to turned into animals, willingly.  Until that time they work as servants to the wizard as prepayment for their transformation. They uniformly wear white robes, or lose white shirts and pants.  The seem pleasant enough, in that cult member kind of way….

The wizard's tower is smaller than expected, three or four levels up and a few levels down it seems.  The characters meet the wizard, and are surprised to find him… unusually nice.  Not some ruthless vilian hellbent on converting the entire population into animals.  In fact he seems to care for these people, to some degree.  He even has contracts signed by all of them in his library. When he explains what he's doing it seems that he is working on a new and powerful polymorph spell, that "still has some kinks to work out." The party asks if he informs the test subject what happens to the failed attempts he says "they all signed the contract." After asking for Ellistan, the wizard takes them to the library where they are confronted with the sheer number of "contracts" that he has.  

The wizard tells them if they want to look they can find the contract themselves he never was good at organization.  Scrolls are piled haphazardly on the shelves. Meanwhile the wizard says he 's busy and excuses himself after saying the adventures may stay while they look for the contract.

Lynn and Kyle stay to start looking through the scrolls while Drommel and Sludig go "exploring" the tower.  They find nothing of interest but there seems to be a gathering of people in one of the lower levels.  In fact everyone seems to be there in some kind of audience for an arena looking area.  Intrigued they enter and stand to watch. It seems the wizard has the next test subject up on a platform in the middle of the arena and is starting to cast the spell.  Concerned for the future of the subject, Drommel uses a message spell to communicate with him and decides it would be unethical to allow this to complete. He spies  level next to the platform and uses an unseen servant to pull the lever which opens a trap door and the subject disappears down the hole.

The wizard looks up from his spell and looks around confused, then shrugs packs up and leaves the arena.

Read Lynn’s Journal entry about this.

Man-thing Ambush

As the party rides by a small forest between the village and wizard's tower, they are attacked by strange beings.  Part human part animal, these are no centaur.  They are malformed and partially deformed, some with one wing one arm. A man with bull horns and bovine face but otherwise normal.  Two men with paws clawed like a large feline.  A few of the party are thrown from their horses but quckly recover, after the short bloody fight where it quickly quickly becomes obvious the party is winning, the man-things surrender and one of them ask for parlay.

The players find out that they are a colony of rejects from the wizards tower. It seems the wizard is turning people into creatures, but not against their will. The people come here wishing for the simpler life of an animal. However, they're not warned of the failures, or what happens to them.  The man-things were only attacking the party for food, as they are outcasts from all human areas. Many of them tried to return home after being rejected from the Wizard's Tower only to be met with fear, hatred, and arms. 

Disenfranchised, they live in the forest trying to warm others who wish to enter the wizards service.

Forewarned and now prepared for something completely different than expected the band of adventures leave the colony of outcasts and continue towards the tower.

Lynn, being one of the those thrown from his horse, decides to walk the rest of the way. 

Cold Trail Heats Up

Arriving at a village, indicated as the destination for Ellistan in the jounel, the players take the night in a local Inn.  The inkeeper gouges the obviously rich travelers, but the players pick up a lead on Ellistan. He seems to have gone to a nearby Wizard's tower and joined a cult of some sort.  The town is pretty tight lipped about it.  After a discussion it's decided to continue to the wizard's place to see what can be found there.

The snotty aristocrat  Kyle demands money back from the tavern keeper which causes some small consern among the party. He actually draws his weapon and almost kills the innkeep before the entire town of villagers shows up with pitchforks and scyles to defend…..   The other members of the party calm the townsfolk and Kyle down and head off towards the tower.


Chapter 2: Polymorphic Objector

 Brother Justif had gone back to Alten Waar, Eladra had elected to stay at the manor house with the keeper of one of Thergon's most extensive libraries. The strange wild girl was missing and the young monk was now accompanied by a nobleman, his Guard, and a prophetic Tailor, tasked with the quest of locating and destroying a relic of great power. Their only clue a journal left by a man who had left the castle months previously.



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