The Wizard's Tower

if at first you don't succeed...

After gaining entrance to the wizard's tower, by knocking of all things, the players are escorted into a waiting room while a supplicant looks after their horses. The party finds that these supplicants are waiting to turned into animals, willingly.  Until that time they work as servants to the wizard as prepayment for their transformation. They uniformly wear white robes, or lose white shirts and pants.  The seem pleasant enough, in that cult member kind of way….

The wizard's tower is smaller than expected, three or four levels up and a few levels down it seems.  The characters meet the wizard, and are surprised to find him… unusually nice.  Not some ruthless vilian hellbent on converting the entire population into animals.  In fact he seems to care for these people, to some degree.  He even has contracts signed by all of them in his library. When he explains what he's doing it seems that he is working on a new and powerful polymorph spell, that "still has some kinks to work out." The party asks if he informs the test subject what happens to the failed attempts he says "they all signed the contract." After asking for Ellistan, the wizard takes them to the library where they are confronted with the sheer number of "contracts" that he has.  

The wizard tells them if they want to look they can find the contract themselves he never was good at organization.  Scrolls are piled haphazardly on the shelves. Meanwhile the wizard says he 's busy and excuses himself after saying the adventures may stay while they look for the contract.

Lynn and Kyle stay to start looking through the scrolls while Drommel and Sludig go "exploring" the tower.  They find nothing of interest but there seems to be a gathering of people in one of the lower levels.  In fact everyone seems to be there in some kind of audience for an arena looking area.  Intrigued they enter and stand to watch. It seems the wizard has the next test subject up on a platform in the middle of the arena and is starting to cast the spell.  Concerned for the future of the subject, Drommel uses a message spell to communicate with him and decides it would be unethical to allow this to complete. He spies  level next to the platform and uses an unseen servant to pull the lever which opens a trap door and the subject disappears down the hole.

The wizard looks up from his spell and looks around confused, then shrugs packs up and leaves the arena.

Read Lynn’s Journal entry about this.


Hey! You forgot that I organized the scrolls Alphabetically.

The Wizard's Tower

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The Wizard's Tower

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The Wizard's Tower

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