The Cave

That was too easy

With help from Ellistan the party finds a geographic feature from the journal (the destroyed village which features at the end of the story). The ground is blackened, hardened and nothing, not even grass or weeds, grows for hundreds of feet around.

Located on the edge of Thergon, the hills that separate here from the next country are just a few miles to the west. Could they be the hills blah blah retreated to when the demon’s destroyed the village? After several day’s search the party finds a cave, tucked away and hidden.

The party works together, and overcomes feats that test their cohesion, their purity, and their willingness to defend the defenseless. In the end, a piece of the horn is recovered.

Then the party is waylaid in the hills by a local lord’s men. Armed and ahorse they are looking for a thief, they describe an octagon the size of a dinner plate, with a shaved head depicted on it. The men-at-arms want to search the party’s equipment but stop when it seems like there will be trouble. They ride off with assurances that this won’t be last time they meet if they are the thieves.

Unsure where to continue looking, the group decides to head back to Lynn’s monastery so that the abbot can advise him, and the rest could have some down time.



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