At the monistary

The party returns to the Altan Waar monistary Lynn is currently staying at. They find out that the Master Negotiator Brother_Justif they were originally escorting has not returned, nor been heard from and is feared dead.

Kyle Silverfoot takes this hard and leaves the party in the night, claiming that he was responsible for Justif’s safety and he won’t return until he knows for sure if he is alive or dead. He’s paid out the mercenary’s contract for a year and asks that the party use his services.

The party takes some much needed down time resting relaxing for a few days in a safe environment. While there Sludig means Bother Samuel and Brother Adams, a pair of brewers just starting out. The three of them hit it off and Sludig drinks them under the table, “tasting” their different brews.

A worker in the Monistary tells the abbot he has information with regards to Lynn’s quest. The party finds this worker and almost “gets mideval on his ass,” but instead opts for a “Zone of Truth” spell. Wherein a new person is introduced to guide the party to KanKan, in the neighboring country, and speak to a butcher there.



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