Man-thing Ambush

As the party rides by a small forest between the village and wizard's tower, they are attacked by strange beings.  Part human part animal, these are no centaur.  They are malformed and partially deformed, some with one wing one arm. A man with bull horns and bovine face but otherwise normal.  Two men with paws clawed like a large feline.  A few of the party are thrown from their horses but quckly recover, after the short bloody fight where it quickly quickly becomes obvious the party is winning, the man-things surrender and one of them ask for parlay.

The players find out that they are a colony of rejects from the wizards tower. It seems the wizard is turning people into creatures, but not against their will. The people come here wishing for the simpler life of an animal. However, they're not warned of the failures, or what happens to them.  The man-things were only attacking the party for food, as they are outcasts from all human areas. Many of them tried to return home after being rejected from the Wizard's Tower only to be met with fear, hatred, and arms. 

Disenfranchised, they live in the forest trying to warm others who wish to enter the wizards service.

Forewarned and now prepared for something completely different than expected the band of adventures leave the colony of outcasts and continue towards the tower.

Lynn, being one of the those thrown from his horse, decides to walk the rest of the way. 



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