Good thing he doesn't know what Chevon is.

The party finds Ellistan, owner of the journal after being given a tour of the menagerie only to find that he’s been turned into a goat. The wizard knows of no way to reverse the effects, nor what will be left of Ellistan if he were reverted. There is another wizard in the north which may be able to help them. He gives them directions to a town on the north coast, and wish them well.

The party travels to the north passing mile after mile. They are passed by a large army heading south at one point. The party hides in a ravine to avoid detection. They arrive at this town and ask around to find that the wizard they seek is a magistrate for the area and travels between towns but does happen to be here. They discuss with him their problem and he says he will help. Provided the help him out. There seems to have been a few ogres or something that are bothering the local towns, and the Magistrate asks the party to look into it while he decides the best way to fix Ellistan.

The party eventually finds the perpetrators and discovers they’re not ogres, they’re three hill giants! Sludig scores some vicious blows from horse back and disembowels one. The others surrender, and the party discovers why these giants didn’t smash them flat. One has donned gauntlets of fumbling, the other has a bad case of Red Pox, and the third (who is dead now) seems to have cataracts, and was mostly blind. The Giants agree to leave the locals alone but they want help for their ailments. The party returns and the Magistrate says he will arrange for cures in return for their enrollment into the army. The Giants agree, the party gets Ellistan returned to human form, and everyone is happy…..



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